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Sit back, and watch your cash add up.

Save effortlessly

Smart-Save puts away the right amount for you and never transfers cash you need.

Earn interest

All savings in your Stash account will earn interest. Or, you can choose to invest them for the long run.

Avoid fees

Worried about overdrafts? Smart-Save will never start a transfer when your balance is low.

How Smart-Save works

Smart-Save calculates when you’ve got spare cash, then saves a small percent of it. You can adjust your savings rate and withdraw at any time.

Your monthly income

Smart-Save saves a small percent of your spare cash.

Spare cash

Projected bills

Personal spending

Smart-Save saves a fraction of your spare cash, only when you can afford it.

Average monthly spend (past six months)

Your savings genius is ready.

Get Smart-Save

Please note, the Smart-Save...

Please note, the Smart-Save feature is not a savings account offered by a bank. Smart-Save is a feature that may be turned on and connected to the checking account that is linked to your Stash Invest account. This feature can automatically transfer a percentage of your available funds from your checking account into your Stash cash balance. The percentage that is transferred from your checking account is determined by a methodology that studies the spending patterns of each individual user. Once the funds have settled into your Stash cash balance, you may withdraw the funds, invest them, or continue to hold the funds in your Stash cash balance. Newly transferred funds using the Smart-Save feature are placed on hold for five (5) business days in order to prevent fraudulent activity, and thus will not be available for withdrawal during this holding period.