You can Stash on their behalf

Big futures come in little packages. Give a great head start to the little ones in your life by opening a custodial account on their behalf.



Anyone can open a custodial account, not just parents! You'll manage the account and make contributions until the child is old enough, then the money belongs to them.



Instead of buying a toy they'll just outgrow, make regular contributions to a little one's Stash account and watch their money grow over time. You can even share a gifting link with loved ones so they can contribute too!



A custodial account is a great way to teach a child about investing from a young age—and our Stash Academy makes learning fun and easy through parent-child activities.



Education, a new car or first apartment.. Once they're old enough, a child can use the money in their account to pay for any opportunity they choose!

Start small. Dream big.

You can open a custodial account with as little as $5. Contribute as much and as often as you’d like, and watch how your child's Stash can grow over time.

A little can go a long way

Based on a 5% average growth rate per year, and monthly deposit of $20.

  • Interest

  • Deposits

  • First contribution

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This is a hypothetical illustration of mathematical principles, is not a prediction or projection of performance of an investment or investment strategy, and assumes monthly contributions at an annual rate of return (compounded annually) and does not account for fees or taxes. It is for illustrative purposes only and is span not indicative of any actual investment. Actual return and principal value may be more or less than the original investment.

Why choose Stash custodial?

Stash Academy

Stash Academy

The Stash Academy provides the building blocks for future financial savvy! Help your little ones learn the ropes with curated kid-friendly articles and activities.



Practice makes perfect… and until then, there’s Auto-Stash! We let you set up automatic transfers, so you can make regular investing an easy habit for the long run.

Invest in something they’ll never outgrow.

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