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We believe in financial...


Our mission

We started Stash to simplify investing, but our true mission runs deeper. Today, your financial products too often fail you. We believe everyone should have access to financial education, technology, and services that help them achieve their life goals.

My co-founder Ed and I left our jobs to start Stash because we believe everyone should have access to financial opportunity.

After a combined 30+ years in the business, we saw that Wall Street can be fundamentally unfair to smaller investors as they work to accomplish their goals. Stash will change that.

Our investors

Goodwater CapitalValarEntrée CapitalBreyer CapitalCoatueUSV

Meet the Stash team

Co-founder and CEO

Brandon Krieg

I get grief for: Having multiple open beverages and bags of snacks on my desk at all times

Co-founder and President

Ed Robinson

I get grief for: My Australian slang


Peter Kalmakis

Feat of strength: Stash’s Broad Jump record-holder


Dale Sperling

Factoid: I am a Daughter of the American Revolution


Giff Carter

Factoid: Once hitch-hiked from Paris to Edinburgh

VP of Brokerage

Ryan Burke

Hometown - Rockaway Beach, NY

VP of People Operations

Natalie Ledbetter

Hometown: Born in Houston, TX and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia

VP of Finance

Garrett Wright

My escape: Watching Star Trek: The Next Generation

VP of Engineering

Cliff Hazelton

Escape: Long Beach Island, NJ

Lead Software Engineer

Adam Finley

Hero: Peter Venkman

Deputy CCO

Adrien Pesa

Secret talent: Surfing

Office Manager

Alison Turen

Hero: Oskar Schindler

Senior Art Director

Allison Quick

Factoid: I'm a triplet

Product Manager

Andre Borczuk

Heroes: Batman and Tupac

Software Engineer

Annalia Sunderland

Guilty pleasure: Ferrero Rochers

Senior Acquisition Manager

Annica Lin

I get grief for: challenging coworkers to do 8 minute abs in the middle of the day

Visual Designer

Bentley Wong

Secret Talent: I was a semi-pro breakdancer in college

Product Designer

Brian Beavers

Feat of Strength: Hiked the Kalalau Trail & ascended Half Dome

Junior iOS Engineer

Dawid Skiba

Factoid: I dabble in the art of bread baking

Marketing Manager

Donté Ledbetter

Hometown: Astoria, NY

Senior Marketing Manager

Erica Bentley

Factoid: I own over a thousand children's books

UX Researcher

Farhana Begum

Escape: Knee deep in the water somewhere

Data Engineer

Harry Davis

Secret talent: Keurig impression

Writer and Editor

Jeremy Quittner

Factoid: Philatelist

Lead Android Engineer

Joel Parrish

Factoid: Once rocked a massive afro

Brokerage Associate

John Broccoli

Factoid: I don't like broccoli

Audience Engineering

Juan David Rodriguez

Factoid: I lived in 3 different countries

Product Designer

Leo Hidalgo

Hero: Ron Burgundy

Senior Editor

Lindsay Goldwert

Factoid: I’ve performed stand-up comedy for the elderly

Marketing Data Analyst

Liyang Zheng

Guilty pleasure: whipped cream

Senior Software Engineer

Manisha Joshi

Secret Talent: Kathak Dance

Senior Product Manager

MaryAlexa Divver

Feat of strength: Sparring at Overthrow NYC

Data Scientist

Michael Gartner

Escape: Freediving in a coral reef

Technical Product Manager

Nicholas Monje

Feat of strength: reigning Stash archery champion.

Senior Android Engineer

Pavel Dolgov

Hometown: Riga, Latvia

Brokerage and Compliance Associate

Ryan Finneran

Guilty pleasure: The Goonies

Software Engineer

Sam Ratcliffe

Factoid: I got stranded in Amsterdam with only 6 Euro

Lead iOS Engineer

Scott Jones

Feat of Strength: my incredible foot of strength

Head of Growth & Acquisition

Scott Schmidt

Factoid: Dabbed with a Tiger in Thailand

Software Engineer

Shiv Kaushal

Hometown: North Brunswick, New Jersey

Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

Tom Gerrity

Escape: France

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