Our mission

Stash is on a mission to provide financial opportunity to all. We believe that every American should have the tools, guidance, and confidence needed to grow personal wealth and live a better life.

2 million+ people are investing and saving on Stash

Stashers are 25% more financially literate* than the general U.S. population

*“Financial literacy” is defined herein as an individual’s understanding of various broad-based financial and/or economic concepts including, but not limited to, inflation, compound growth, asset allocation, and expected return.

84% of Stashers are first-time investors

Stashers come from 50 states

There are 251,479 unique Stash portfolio combinations

Auto-Stashers save $1,432 per year on average

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Our history

October 2015

Stash app launches

June 2017

Stash Retire launches

August 2017

1 million users

January 2018

Stash Custodial launches

April 2018

2 million users

Coming soon

Stash Banking

Our founders

Brandon Krieg

Co-founder & CEO

As our Co-founder and CEO, Brandon’s core focus is finding new ways to harness technology to simplify the financial services industry and create opportunities for people of all demographics and financial backgrounds. He has over 20 years of experience in the fintech industry, most notably as Co-founder of EdgeTrade, one of the first and largest electronic trade execution and software firms (later acquired by Knight Capital Group), and as Head of Electronic Execution at Macquarie Securities Group.

Ed Robinson

Co-founder & President

As our Co-founder and President, Ed’s concentration is on the democratizing financial services through innovative products that bring opportunity to the masses. He has deep expertise across a variety of financial disciplines, including equity trading and asset allocation. Prior to founding Stash, he had extensive experience at Macquarie Securities Group—where he met his eventual Co-founder and CEO, Brandon Krieg.

My co-founder Ed and I left our jobs to start Stash because we believe everyone should have access to financial opportunity.

After a combined 30+ years in the business, we saw that Wall Street can be fundamentally unfair to smaller investors as they work to accomplish their goals. Stash will change that.


Awards & Recognition

2017 W3 Awards

Best User Experience

2017 & 2018 Webby Awards

Financial Services/Banking

2018 Bezinga Awards

Investing in Millenials

The Wall Street Journal

Tech Companies to Watch 2018


*Receipt of an award does not guarantee any level of skill by the Investment Advisor.

Our investors

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We’re building financial systems that work for everyone, not just the wealthy. But that takes more than a mission—it takes great people. Interested?

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