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Get personalized guidance and complete challenges to build a smart, balanced portfolio.

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Never stop learning. Read financial news, articles, and guides so you can invest with confidence.

Curated stocks

Fractional shares allow you to buy stock in companies you know with as little as $5.

Investing themes

We offer over 40 ETFs that let you invest by theme in industries, causes, and strategies.

Save more, effortlessly

Smart-Save calculates when you’ve got spare cash, then saves a small percent of it automatically.

Make investing automatic

Auto-Stash lets you create an automatic investing plan, so you can make investing a habit for the long run.

Accounts for everyone

We offer personal, custodial, and retirement investment accounts for different goals. You can close an account at any time by calling us. We require you to call, so we can ensure you receive any invested money back.



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Invest accounts cost 0.25% a year for balances $5k and over.
Retirement accounts cost 0.25% a year for balances $10k and over.
Ancillary fees and ETF expenses may be incurred.

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