Invest in themes (ETFs) on Stash

Invest in fractional shares of themed funds (ETFs) that bundle securities (stocks, bonds, and/or commodities) with as little as $5.

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What’s an ETF?

Strategies and Experts

AI's Top U.S. Picks

Built on IBM's Watson AI, this fund holds US stocks picked by artificial intelligence models.

Ticker AIEQAI's Top U.S. Picks

Copy the Experts

Professional investors use big brains and big bucks to find investments. Follow their lead.

Ticker GURUCopy the Experts

Delicious Dividends

Price increases aren't the only way to make money. These companies tend to throw cash to investors.

Ticker SCHDDelicious Dividends

Happy Medium

These medium-sized U.S. companies, generally worth under $10 billion, have room to grow.

Ticker IJHHappy Medium

Real Estate Tycoon

Flip the rental equation, and become the landlord with this real estate investment fund.

Ticker VNQReal Estate Tycoon

Slow & Steady

Stabilize your stash with these companies that tend to avoid rollercoaster spikes and slopes.

Ticker SPLVSlow & Steady

Small but Mighty

Stand up for the little guys. Small but spirited, these companies have room to grow.

Ticker VBSmall but Mighty