Invest in themes (ETFs) on Stash

Invest in fractional shares of themed funds (ETFs) that bundle securities (stocks, bonds, and/or commodities) with as little as $5.

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What’s an ETF?


Aggressive Mix

Looking for an all-in-one aggressive option to make it easy? This diverse collection is tailored to your goals.

Ticker AORAggressive Mix

Big Business Bonds

Invest in 5–10 year loans to the most creditworthy companies in the US of A with these bonds.

Ticker VCITBig Business Bonds

Bond, Junk Bond

Seeking higher interest bond exposure? This fund offers greater risk company bonds that also pay more.

Ticker JNKBond, Junk Bond

Bonding with America

This fund is a holistic investment in US investment-grade bonds and can be a great way to diversify.

Ticker AGGBonding with America

Bonds Worldwide

Gain broad exposure to high-quality international government bonds. Investors? Possibly you.

Ticker BNDXBonds Worldwide

Broad USD Bonds

An all-in-one fund for bonds, this fund contains bonds issued in US dollars from around the world.

Ticker IUSBBroad USD Bonds

Fallback Funds

Looking to start? Put cash you won't need immediately to work in the lowest risk investment on Stash.

Ticker GBILFallback Funds

Inflation Defense

Loan money to the US government while protecting against inflation with these unique bonds.

Ticker VTIPInflation Defense

Long Haul Bonds

This fund is a mix of long-term, investment-grade US government and corporate bonds.

Ticker BLVLong Haul Bonds

Park my Cash

Want more interest than you get at the bank? This investment generates interest, with minimal risk.

Ticker MINTPark my Cash

Public Works

America needs schools, highways, hospitals, and sewer systems. This is how we get it done.

Ticker MUBPublic Works

Rate Hike Refuge

These bonds protect against rising US interest rates via short-term loans to stable companies.

Ticker FLOTRate Hike Refuge

Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam wants you... to preserve your capital and earn interest, with U.S. Treasury bonds.

Ticker VGITUncle Sam