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Introducing Stash: A New App That Empowers Everyone to Become an Investor Make Your Own Investment Choices,…

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  • Investing isn't just for the top 1%. A new app called Stash that launched today allows people to invest for as little as $5. It's the latest app trying to investing simple and accessible to everyone.

    ~ Heather Long, CNN Money

  • We cover a lot of New York City startups here and this is absolutely one of my favourites. The idea is just great and it's really something for everybody. This is solving a huge problem - people are really afraid to invest. They think you need a lot of money to do it and Stash is trying to change that.

    ~ Alison Morris, FOX 5 NY

  • The company provides easy to understand guidance about every investment and encourages users to study, discover and learn more with each passing week... If you're going to take one step after reading this article, it should be to go check out Stash and see what you might be missing.

    ~ Jason Williams,

  • Well, how do you get started investing? Stash (free on iOS) makes the process simple and accessible, even if you've only got a handful of charge to spare.

    ~ REFINERY29

  • Stash is the new kid on the block and it’s pretty cool. You can start investing in ETFs and stocks for as little as $5. That’s because Stash lets you buy a fraction of a share if you can’t afford the whole thing. No other investing app does this yet.

    ~ Mandy Woodruff, Yahoo Finance

  • Unlike traditional financial firms, it seeks to frame investing around the much-noted identity and purpose-hunger of America’s youth (i.e. snake people) and transform it into small but growing deposits over time.

    ~ Matthew Zeitlin, Buzzfeed

  • Stash tries to simplify the stock market for first-time investors.

    ~ Joseph Pisani, AP