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Invest in fractional shares of themed funds (ETFs) that bundle securities (stocks, bonds, and/or commodities) with as little as $5.

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What’s an ETF?

Technology and Innovation

American Innovators

Invest in tech companies that are changing the world, like Apple, Google, and Facebook.

Ticker VGTAmerican Innovators


These companies are actively involved in the development and utilization of blockchain technologies.


Data Defenders

Protect the world with cybersecurity. As life goes digital, data defenders are in high demand.

Ticker CIBRData Defenders

Defending America

Invest in America's military suppliers. These aerospace and defense companies help secure our skies.

Ticker ITADefending America

Internet Titans

Invest in the immense potential of the Internet. These companies make most of their money online.

Ticker FDNInternet Titans

On Cloud Nine

Live your life on the cloud? Invest in companies that make it all possible.

Ticker SKYYOn Cloud Nine

Robots Rising

Robots are taking over the world - in a good way - by boosting output and improving efficiency.

Ticker ROBORobots Rising

Social Media Mania

Addicted to social media? Join the club. With 2 billion users, these companies keep us hooked.

Ticker SOCLSocial Media Mania

Stay in Touch

Invest in the telecom ties that bind us together. These companies connect us to the world.

Ticker VOXStay in Touch