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Invest in fractional shares of themed funds (ETFs) that bundle securities (stocks, bonds, and/or commodities) with as little as $5.

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What’s an ETF?

Goods and Services

Big Money

Money makes the world go round. These companies are the leading players in finance.

Ticker VFHBig Money

Corporate Cannabis

Invest in the growing legal marijuana industry—including pure plays, production, and pharmaceuticals.

Ticker MJCorporate Cannabis

Destination Recreation

Look forward to holidays away or nights out on the town? These companies fuel your fun.

Ticker PEJDestination Recreation

Doctor, Doctor!

Give global healthcare a shot in the arm. These companies help us live longer and better lives.

Ticker XLVDoctor, Doctor!

Gamers FTW!

No playing around here. Campaign your cash in the name of video games and VR.

Ticker GAMRGamers FTW!

High Voltage

The world of utilities and power production is undergoing lightning fast change—capitalize on all of it.

Ticker VPUHigh Voltage

Home Sweet Home

There is no place like home, invest in the American Dream. These firms build homes in the U.S.A.

Ticker XHBHome Sweet Home

In Transit

This investment provides targeted exposure to U.S. transportation stocks in a single, diversified fund.

Ticker IYTIn Transit

Modern Meds

Support the advancement of medical science. These biotech companies innovate to save lives.

Ticker XBIModern Meds

Retail Therapy

Love to Shop? These companies spur you to spend on clothes, food, travel etc - online and off.

Ticker XRTRetail Therapy

Young Money

80 Million strong. Powerful, opinionated, and optimistic. Companies, meet the Millennial generation.

Ticker MILNYoung Money