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It's your money. Let's keep it that way.

At Stash, we’ve got a different approach to banking. We’re more interested in helping you achieve your financial goals, than encouraging you to spend beyond your means. This isn’t about better money management, although you’ll get that. It’s about helping you afford a better life.

We want you to take that much-needed vacation, pay your bills on time, not give up your savings, all the while still investing for your future. For us, it’s all about giving you financial power.

Goodbye, hidden fees.

Hidden fees really are the worst. Stash debit accounts have zero set-up, monthly, minimum balance, or overdraft fees. You'll also get free access to thousands of ATMs at participating retailers nationwide.1

Save more. Spend smarter.

Daily spending guidance, smart transfers, and automatic saving plans can help you make smarter spending decisions and keep more of your money.2

Automatically earn cash back to invest.

Enroll your debit card or credit card and shop at over 7,0003 stores and restaurants to automatically earn up to 10% cash back through Stash to your investment account. No points. No couponing. Just an easy way to keep investing.

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Plan. Spend. Save.

All with one account.

Access your paycheck faster.

Want to get paid sooner? Get your pay up to 2 days before payday with free ASAP Direct Deposit™.4

One card to rule them all.

Pay with your debit card anywhere Visa is accepted. Plus, conveniently access your cash anytime at over thousands of fee-free ATMs at participating retailers nationwide.1

Money movement, made easy.

Transfers from your external accounts and between your Stash accounts make moving money easy. You can also deposit cash directly at retailers nationwide.5

Download Stash to reserve your spot in line.

Download Stash

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